Professors McGlothlin and Kapczynski awarded A&S Summer Faculty Research Grants

Professor Erin McGlothlin and Professor Jennifer Kapczynski have been both awarded Arts & Sciences Summer Faculty Research Grants.

The grant will enable McGlothlin to travel to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC to conduct research on some of the over 300 hours of outtakes available from Claude Lanzmann’s monumental film project Shoah (1985). In particular, she plans to investigate how the film narrows in on Treblinka, the death camp at which almost a million European Jews were murdered, in its attempt to work actively against a master narrative of the Holocaust that figures Auschwitz as its exclusive symbolic center.

Kapczynski will travel to Berlin to conduct archival research for her current book project "Men of Action," which examines the role of West German cinema in imagining viable models of democratic male agency.