Biennial St. Louis Symposium on German Literature and Culture

Past Symposia

Every other year, the department hosts an international symposium on German Language and Culture. Scholars from Europe and the United States, graduate students, members of the university community, and all others interested are encouraged to attend. 

Number Dates Title Organizers
25 September 2-4, 2021 Transnational Framings: The German Literary Field in the Age of Nationalism Lynne Tatlock
Kurt Beals
24 April 5-7, 2018 The Arts of Democratization: Stylizing Political Sensibilities in Postwar West Germany Jennifer Kapczynski
Caroline Kita
23 March 31-April 2, 2016 Knowledge in Motion: Constructing Transcultural Experience in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods (1200-1750) Gerhild Williams
Christian Schneider
22 March 20-22, 2014 Crossing the Disciplinary Divide: Conjunctions in German and Holocaust Studies Erin McGlothlin
Jennifer Kapczynski
21 March 29-30, 2012 Distant Readings/Descriptive Turns: Topologies of German Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century Matt Erlin
Lynne Tatlock
20 March 26-28, 2010 The Ethics of Literature: Contemporary German Authors, Celebrating 25 Years of the Max Kade Center of Contemporary German Literature Paul Michael Lützeler
Jennifer Kapczynski
19 April 3-5, 2008 Consuming News: Newspapers and Print Culture in Early Modern Europe (1500-1800) Gerhild Williams
William Layher
18 March 30-April 1, 2006 After the Digital Divide?: German Aesthetic Theory in the Age of New Media Lutz Koepnick
Erin McGlothlin
17 April 3, 2004

Transfer Effects: The Appropriation of German Culture in Nineteenth-Century America

Lynne Tatlock
Matt Erlin
16 April 3, 2002 Between the Local and the Global: Revisiting the Sites of German Cinema Stephan Schindler
Lutz Koepnick
15 April 3, 2000 Heinrich von Kleist's Works: Aspects of Displacement and Deracination Paul Michael Lützeler
David Pan
14 April 3, 1998 The Construction of Authority in German Literature of the Medieval & Early Modern Periods James Poag
Claire Baldwin
13 April 4, 1996 Zeitenwenden/Wendezeiten : Ein halbes Jahrhundert deutsche Literatur (1945-1995) Robert Weninger
Brigitte Rossbacher
12 April 3, 1994 Knowledge, Science, & Literature in Early Modern Germany Gerhild Williams
Stephan Schindler
11 April 3, 1992 The Graph of Sex and the German Text: Early Modern Germany 1500-1700 Lynne Tatlock
Christiane Bohnert
10 April 3, 1990 German Literature of the 1980s Paul Michael Lützeler
John Brawner
9 April 3, 1988 Entzauberung der Welt: Deutsche Literatur 1200-1500 James Poag
Thomas C. Fox
8 April 3, 1986 Literatur und Kosmos vom 15. bis zum 17. Jahrhundert Gerhild Williams
Lynne Tatlock
7 April 3, 1984 Goethes Erzählwerk Paul Michael Lützeler
James McLeod
6 April 3, 1982 Das Weiterleben des Mittelalters in der deutschen Literatur James Poag
Gerhild Williams
5 April 3, 1980 Deutsche Literatur in der Bundesrepublik seit 1965 Paul Michael Lützeler
Egon Schwarz
4 April 3, 1978 Der Adel in der deutschen Literatur Peter Uwe Hohendahl
Paul Michael Lützeler
3 April 3, 1976 Jews and Germans from 1860 to 1933 David Bronsen
2 April 3, 1974 Literatur und Literaturtheorie in der DDR Peter Uwe Hohendahl
Patricia Herminghouse
1 April 3, 1972 Deutsche Exilliteratur 1933-1945 Egon Schwarz
Peter Uwe Hohendahl