Papers at the German Studies Association (GSA) Conference

Many members of the department will be attending and presenting at this year's German Studies Association Conference, including:

Kurt Beals, "Dada Analysis: Networking with the Avant-Garde"

Matt Erlin, "Goethe and Kant, Again. Can Computational Methods Help Us to Think about Influence?"

Jennifer Kapczynski, "Hard Cores: Posturing and Postwar Cinematic Violence"

Ervin Malakaj, "Publishing Culture and Industrial Waste in Raabe’s Pfisters Mühle

Erin McGlothlin, "German-Jewish Holocaust Literature Between the Global and the National"

Simone Pfleger - "Mia vs. METHODE: Precarious Power or Power of the Precarious in Juli Zeh’s Corpus delicti (2009)?!"

Claire Ross, "Was frisst Heinrich Faust?" Eating the Other in Flix's Faust

Brooke Shafar, Digital Approaches to Investigating Emotion in Nineteenth-Century German

Lynne Tatlock:  Reading Up Close and from a Distance: Affect Lost and Gained in Six German Adaptations of Jane Eyre for Girls (1882-1914)

Gerhild Williams, "The Turk among us: Faustus – Lorck - Happel – Francisci