Report from 2017 Göttingen Liaison, Heidi Grek

Heidi Grek, one of our PhD students in German & Comparative Literature, was this past summer's graduate student liaison to our intensive language program in Göttingen.

She gave us the following report about this year's group of students.

Heidi in GoettingenThis summer, eleven students participated in the Göttingen Summer Abroad program. We explored Göttingen as a group, walking the old city wall, and visiting places like the botanical gardens and the city museum. We also ate our first traditional German dinner at Bullerjahn in the basement of the old city hall, had Kaffee and Kuchen at Cron & Lanz, and saw the play “Judith" by Friedrich Hebbel at Deutsches Theater Göttingen. The students elected to do an escape room in German, and managed to successfully solve the mysteries presented to them before their time was up. They additionally took part in activities offered by the Goethe Institut, such as walking tours, hiking trips, and grilling. They got to know some of the international students who were in their classes and also lived with us in the new Goethe Institut Guest House. Although classes are still held in the Fridtjof-Nansen-Haus, students now live in dorms located very close to the main train station and just outside the Altstadt. The location is not quite as scenic, but the rooms are very nice and the internet is excellent! On the weekends and during the short break at the beginning of July, they travelled to different cities in Germany, and even different countries (the Netherlands, Italy, England, etc.). By the end of the two month immersion experience, every student’s German language had improved immensely, and many are continuing to study German back at Wash U.

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