Studies in Genre


In the past two hundred years, crime has also been a recurring theme in German literature. As a means of cultural exploration, criminals, their deeds, and how they are judged may seem an odd avenue, and yet the genre dedicated to them offers compelling perspectives on many concepts fundamental to the human condition, such as the relationship between the individual and society, individual and societal responsibility, the nature of right and wrong, and the very possibility (or impossibility) of justice - with the added benefits of riveting plots and guaranteed suspense. In this course we will focus on a variety of texts, including reports, short stories, plays, and film, all treating themes such as the causes of criminality, criminal apprehension (also as a gendered endeavor), and justice itself. In addition to encouraging a more nuanced understanding of an important cultural topic, the course will also provide students with the analytical and linguistic skills necessary for discussing cultural topics in German. All readings, assignments, and discussions in German. Prerequisite: German 302D and German 340C/340D OR German 341/341D OR German 342/342D or permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
Course Attributes: AS HUM; AS LCD; AS LS; AS WI I; FA HUM; EN H

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Studies in Genre
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