Recent Dissertations

Dissertations from 2006 to present


Peter Ogunniran: Mediating the Colonial Other in the German Empire

Rebecca Jordan: The Cyborg Animal in the Anthropocene: Nonhuman Species’ Narratives of Survival in Contemporary German and North American Literature

Sandra Weber: Desorientierung, Vertikalisierung und zerfallende Konturen: Ein Vergleich der literarischen Welten Kazuo Ishiguros, W. G. Sebalds, Peter Weiss’ und Franz Kafkas


Heidi Grek: Meta-Epic: Generic Interplay in Goethe’s Faust and its Significance for Weltliteratur

Anna-Rebecca Nowicki: Die Poetik der Abweichung: Menschen mit Behinderung und ihre Familien in der deutschen und österreichischen Literatur des 19. Jahrhunderts

Claire Ross: Adaptation Artists: Aesthetic and Social Adaptation in the Work of Turkish German Author Yadé Kara


Amy Braun: Impossible Communities in Prague’s German Gothic: Nationalism, Degeneration, and the Monstrous Feminine in Gustav Meyrink’s Der Golem (1915)


Mary Le Gierse: A Critique of Pedagogy in Goethe's "Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre" (1795): Linking the Tower Society and the Ethics of Benedict de Spinoza

Simone Pfleger: (Un)Doing and (Un)Becoming: Temporality, Subjectivity, and Relationality in Twenty-First-Century German Literature and Film

Darina Stamova: Melancholie in Uwe Timms Romanen "Rot" und "Morenga"


Angineh Djavadghazaryans: Shame in the Nineteenth-Century Village Tale in the German-Speaking Context, 1843-1897


Ervin Malakaj: Anxious Telling: Narrative Modes and German Literary Production, 1871-1900

Brooke Shafar: Imagination, Emotion, and Adolescent Socialization in German Literature from Romanticism to 1901


Benjamin Davis: Masculinity and Politics in Daniel Casper von Lohenstein's Dramatic Works

Lisa Haegele: Revisions of Violence in West German Cinema, 1960-1980

Petra Watzke: Women in the Context of Industrialization and Labor in Nineteenth-Century German Literature by Women

Georgia Anna Leeper: Feeling Doctrine: Religious Meanings of Emotion in Sixteenth-Century German Literature

Melissa Olson Meeks: Fixed and Fleeting: An Exploration of Film Poster Art from Weimar Germany, 1919-1933

Corey Twitchell: The German Jewish Post-Holocaust Novel: Narrative and a Literary Language for Loss


Russell Alt-Haaker: Coloring Catastrophe: De/Coding Color in Representations of the Holocaust

Anne Jost-Fritz: Nature in Contemporary German Photography

Faruk Pasic: A Multiplicity of Masculinities: The Formation of National Identity in Imperial Germany and its Influence on Notions of the Masculine

Norma Suvak: "Nur eine Hausfrau": Continuities and Discontinuities in Women's Advice Writing from 1865-1916

Jocelyn Aksin: Representations of Memory in Texts by Turkish-German Authors

Sarah Hillenbrand Varela: Ebner's Ethical Creatures: Animals and Humanity in the Work of Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach


Ruxandra Looft: Mobile Ideas and (Im)Mobile Subjects: Women Writers and Women's Fashion Magazines in Nineteenth-Century Germany and Austria

Shane Peterson: Picturing the Text: Illustrated Editions of Marlitt, Raabe, and Storm In the Age of the Industrial Book (1857-90)

Magdalen Majors: Reading, Travel and the Pedagogy of Growing up in Late Nineteenth-Century Germany


Christopher Bailes: Ludwig Wittgenstein and Hermann Broch: The Need for Fiction and Logic: Moral Philosophy

Patrick Brugh: Mediating War in Early Modern German Prose

Melissa Laugallies: Magical Objects and Subverted Subjects: Fetishism and the Supernatural in E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Tales

Anne Popiel: Vilém Flusser’s Media Philosophy: Tracing the Digital in Nature through Art

Nancy Twilley: Reading Gender in Late Nineteenth-Century German Young Adult Literature

Victoria Vygodskaia Rust: Fashioning Women under Totalitarian Regimes: "New Women" of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia


Necia Chronister: Topographies of Sexuality: Space, Movement, and Gender in German Literature and Film since 1989

Suzuko Knott: Body – Language – Media: Transformation and Translatability in the Works of Yoko Tawada


Bartell Berg: Nature and Environment in Nineteenth-Century Austrian Literature

Theodore Jackson: Hesse as Ambivalent Modernist

Julia Kleinheider: Illusions of Armor: The Haptic Body in Ernst Jünger’s Early Works

Erika Rinker: (S)elective, Mimetic Aphasia: Stutter and Silence Fin-De-Siecle Critical Modernist Literature


Gwyneth Cliver: Musil, Broch, and the Mathematics of Modernism


Per Simfors: Extrakte des Schweigens Zu Sprache und Stil bei Peter Altenberg

Robert Feldman: Journalismus als Beruf: Truth and the Anti-Semitic Journalist Stereotype in the Writings of Maxim Biller and Rafael Seligmann


Jason Baker: Prussia’s Headless Horseman: Ideological Appropriations of Ferdinand von Schill in Nineteenth-Century German Literature

Gregory Knott: Arnold Stadler and the Metaphysics of Heimat

Heike Polster: The Aesthetics of Passage: The Imag(in)ed Experience of Time in W.G. Sebald and Peter Handke

Nancy RichardsonDarlings to Deviants: German Women Authors and the Taboo of Female Violence in Wilhelmine Germany (1880-1910)

Fred Yaniga: Postmodernism in the Prose Writing of Thomas Bernhard


Kamaal N. Haque: The Dynamics of Space in Goethe’s “West-östlicher Divan”

Mary Krasan Rodena: Uwe Timm’s Postcolonial Novels

Carrie Smith: Realism’s Gross Anatomy: The Male Grotesque in 1960s West German New Realism and Black Realism