Patricia Maurer

Patricia Elisabeth Maurer

PhD student in Germanic Languages & Literatures
Doctoral Council, Student Representative
Graduate Student Fellow; College of Arts & Sciences
Graduate Student Leadership Liaison, The Graduate Center
Master of Arts in Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of Missouri in Columbia (2017)
Bachelor of Arts in German and English Studies (2015), University of Stuttgart
research interests:
  • 19th-Century German Literature
  • Gender and Women Studies
  • True Crime in Literature
  • Female Perpetrators
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contact info:

mailing address:

  • MSC 1104-1146-319
  • Washington University
  • 1 Brookings Drive
  • St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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Patricia (she/her) began her academic journey at the University of Stuttgart, earning a bachelor’s degree in German and English, followed by a master’s degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia.

Patricia has been teaching in the university classroom since 2015, engaging in diverse teaching roles. Recently, she has cultivated a keen interest in higher education administration, envisioning a fusion of her academic pursuits with impactful educational leadership. As a Graduate Student Fellow, she contributes to the College of Arts & Sciences “Literacies for Life & Career” signature initiative. Patricia also serves as the Graduate Student Leadership Liaison at the Graduate Center. In this capacity, she collaborates with student groups on campus, offering strategic advice.

Grounded in 19th-century crime literature, Patricia's research delves into the portrayals of poisoner cases from this era. Her dissertation takes a modern turn by examining the representations of the poisoner Gesche Gottfried in popular media. This offers a perspective on how the narratives of female criminals from the past are reinterpreted and showcased in today's media landscapes.

Awards: Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence (2021)

Activities: Graduate Student Senate (Co-President); Doctoral Council (Student Representative); Graduate Student Advisory Council to the Center for Teaching and Learning (Member); Academic Affairs Committee to the Board of Trustees (Graduate Student Representative); Graduate Student Fellow; College of Arts & Sciences; - Graduate Student Leadership Liaison, The Graduate Center