Kader Gray Serves on 2023-2024 GSA Executive Board

Congratulations to Kader Gray for serving as GSA treasurer for the 2023-2024 academic year!

The A&S GSA is a student-led organization that represents all graduate students in A&S, coordinating activities and programming for those students.

The mission of the A&S GSA will be to:

  • Function as a conduit of communication between the Office of Grad Studies and the University, and graduate students in A&S, to promote mutual benefit.
  • Serve as an organizing body to promote intellectual, social, community, and emotional well-being of A&S graduate students.
  • ¬†Serve as ambassadors of Washington University Arts & Sciences graduate programs, across disciplines.
  • ¬†Collaborate with the Office of Grad Studies to create and support a positive, supportive learning environment, across disciplines.

To fulfill this mission, A&S GSA organizes and sponsors a full calendar of activities throughout the year, ranging from purely professional to completely casual. In addition, GSA sends representatives to the Professional and Graduate Student Coordinating Committee (ProGradS), the campus-wide Graduate Student Senate (GSS), and the Graduate Professional Council (GPC).


Congratulations, Kader! Thank you for representing your program!