First MA in German and Higher Education Administration Student to Graduate

Hannah Dinkel, our first MA in German and Higher Education Administration student, will graduate in Spring 2019. Here, she gives us a report on her time in the program.

My time at Washington University as the inaugural student in the German department’s newly established MA program has been productive and enjoyable; the time has flown by and I find myself in my last semester, before completing my degree! I had many positive experiences here as an MA student, with the highlight being my coursework in German and my 3 courses in topics important to higher education administration. I was able to rediscover interests and topics in German Studies with which I had previously engaged, and my internships and electives in higher education administration introduced me to the exciting career opportunities in academic administration. For any other graduate student considering a career in administration, I highly recommend Provost Holden Thorp’s course "Higher Education Administration: History, Research, and Practice" as an excellent introduction to the field. I completed an internship with Arts & Sciences and am participating in a second internship with University College this spring, while I work to complete my capstone project. Through these internships, I have gained practical experience in areas such as program assessment, data analytics, and international travel management, as they relate to administration at universities, and I am happy to report that I am walking away from my master's with many widely applicable skills that I am confident will serve me well as I consider career options. I plan to stay in academia, and this MA program has prepared me for all sorts of opportunities, whether I pursue research and teaching opportunities in German Studies or seek a well-fitting administrative appointment. Looking optimistically to the future, I am currently applying for PhD programs in German, and will be keeping my eye out for job postings in higher education administration this spring, as well.