Introduction to the Teaching of German


This course introduces future postsecondary teachers to aspects of the German program at Washington University, the broader US context of the teaching of German language and culture and its history, the connection/disconnection between high school language learning and postsecondary programs, the professional organizations that support the teaching of the language, and to some of the resources they offer. It seeks to enable aspiring teachers to think broadly about the places and roles of foreign language in university curricula and departmental missions in the changing and diverse environments of institutions of higher education; the concerns, goals, and learning styles of undergraduate students; and the materials currently on the market and available for adoption in first-year language courses. The examination of first-year textbooks in this course will raise questions of methodology, teaching philosophy, learning styles, and institutional pragmatics. Interviews of colleagues in a variety of departments across the US will make visible institutional pressures and opportunities.
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Introduction to the Teaching of German
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