Interdisciplinary Certificates

Graduate students wishing to participate in an interdisciplinary certificate program are expected to apply by the end of their first year at Washington University. Permission must first be granted by both the chair and the director of graduate studies before students may file an application. No more than one certificate program can be added to a regular course of graduate studies.

Film and Media Studies

This program is designed to provide PhD students with interest in the theories and history of “visual culture” an opportunity to extend their formal intellectual training into film and media studies. Students accepted into the certificate program in Film & Media Studies acquire appropriate graduate level knowledge in film and media studies approaches to criticism, history, and theory.

Translation Studies

The certificate in translation provides graduate students with training in the theory and practice of translation that focuses on the nuances of culture and language. This certificate is offered through the Comparative Literature Program. 

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

The Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies certificate program offers graduate students the opportunity to broaden their coursework to include the interdisciplinary study of gender and feminist theory. Students who complete the certificate have the option, on recommendation of the department chair and/or director of graduate studies, to participate in a joint mentored teaching experience between the department and the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department. 

Language Instruction

Students choosing to pursue the certificate in language instruction will develop in fields of applied linguistics, second language acquisition, psychology, neuroscience, and other disciplines that have important implications for the way we teach foreign languages. Study within these different fields provides a fascinating examination of the way that second languages (L2) are learned and how second language is generated by learners. 

Data Science in the Humanities (DASH)

The curriculum for this certificate program addresses data management, statistics, text analysis, geospatial analysis, digital prosopography, data visualization, and information design. This will acquaint any PhD student with new methodologies and techniques, and will foster an awareness of the theoretical implications of using them. Students interested in pursuing the DASH Certificate should contact the program director. 

For More Information

To learn more about graduate certificates, please contact our director of graduate studies.

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