Graduate Student Symposium

30th Graduate Student Symposium, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Saturday, March 26, 2022

9:30-9:45am: Opening Remarks

Keynote Lecture: Monika Weiss
Moderators: Mikael Olsson Berggren and Tomek Rudel

9:45-10:30am: “Unforgetting Violence: Nirbhaya, Water, and Horizontality”
10:30-10:45am: Q&A

10:45-11:05am: COFFEE BREAK

Panel I: Representing Memory
Moderator: Kebei Wang

11:05-11:20am: “‘Unnatural Narration,’ Memory, and the Machine. A Comparative Reading of E.T.A Hoffmann’s Der Sandmann, Kazuo Ishiguro’s Klara and the Sun, and Yoko Taro’s NieR: Automata”, Sandra Weber
11:20-11:35am: “Kritische Distanz zu Holocaust-Darstellungen: Selbstreferentialität als Verfremdungseffekt in Andrzej Munks Pasażerka”, Christian Schuetz
11:35-11:50am: “(Un)making Pain – Translation of Pain into Art in the Case of Charlotte Salomon”, Franzi Finkenstein
11:50am-12:05pm: “Krisen individueller und kollektiver Erinnerung in Robert Menasses ‘Schubumkehr’ und ‘Die Phänomenologie der Entgeisterung’”, Tomek Rudel
12:05-12:20pm: Q&A

12:20-1:30pm: LUNCH BREAK

Panel II: Gender & Relationality
Moderator: Matthew Thompson

1:30-1:45pm: “Negotiating Objectivity, Subjectivity, and the Personal in Rilke’s ‘Jugend-Bildnis meines Vaters’”, Kimberly Annas
1:45-2:00pm: “Vom Rahmen zum Netzwerk – und darüber hinaus. ‘Vernetzungsliteratur’ als Sonderfall zwischen disparaten Erzählsammlungen und komplexen Romanen”, Tobias Feldmann
2:00-2:15pm: “Lesende Frauen, bedrohliche Leidenschaft - Lektüre und Giftmord in Der Neue Pitaval”, Patricia Maurer
2:15-2:30pm: “Destination Auschwitz: Gendered Representations of Deportation in Night, Still Alive, and Fatelessness”, Mikael Olsson Berggren
2:30-2:45pm: Q&A

2:45-3:15pm: COFFEE BREAK

Panel III: The Language of Resistance
Moderator: Anna Lynn Dolman

3:15-3:30pm: “Beyond Not Knowing?: Tomer Gardi, Kafka, and the Monolingual Paradigm”, Nico Herzberg
3:30-3:45pm: “Grimm Inspiration: Mary Jo Bang’s Remaking of ‘The Girl Without Hands’”, Sylvia Sukop
3:45-4:00pm: “Reading as Socialization: Tropes of Nationalism and Colonialism in Der Baumtöter”, Peter Ogunniran
4:15-4:30pm: Q&A

5:00-6:00pm: Open end wine and cheese reception in the department lounge

Keynote Lecture:
Monika Weiss
Unforgetting Violence: Nirbhaya, Water, and Horizontality

Monika Weiss is an internationally celebrated artist who creates intermedia works in film, sound, installation, drawing and performance, often evoking ancient rituals of lamentation in response to site of trauma and collective memory. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is featured in publications and collections worldwide. Dedicated to victims of gendered violence, the artist’ forthcoming outdoor monument/anti-monument Nirbhaya will open in April 2023 on Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York, a gateway to United Nations. A sister version of the piece is planned as a permanent part of the sculpture park and collection of the Centre for Polish Sculpture, Oronsko, National Heritage Institution. In October 2021, a new bi-lingual monograph Monika Weiss-Nirbhaya was published by the Oronsko Press featuring essays by the world renown feminist art historian Griselda Pollock and The Met curator Mark McDonald. As part of The Metropolitan Museum of Art series Artists on Art, a 30 min. film with Monika Weiss speaking on her work and the work of Goya, premiered in April 2021.