Dieckmann Lecture: Liliane Weissberg (Univ. Penn)

"Sigmund Freud's Conversions": The lecture will discuss Sigmund Freud's view of religion, and its relationship to psychoanalysis by focusing on the idea of conversion as discussed in his early case studies and essays as well as in his late work on "Moses and Monotheism."

Lecture by Liliane Weissberg, Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor in Arts and Sciences, Graduate Chair, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of Pennsylvania

Liselotte Dieckmann Colloquium: Established in 1996, this biennial lecture and colloquium honors Liselotte Dieckmann, a highly-honored scholar in German studies and a pioneer for women at Washington University and in academia. Promising young scholars are invited to give a lecture on their newest interests and to conduct a workshop for German and Comparative Literature graduate students.

Freud with the manuscript of "Moses and Monotheism"