Contemporary German Literature


This seminar deals with contemporary German literature of the last three decades. The critic, Thomas Macho, will discuss the new literary travel literature that deals with aspects of escape, migration, asylum seeking, climate change, and the present pandemic. The novels he will discuss were published by Christoph Ransmayr, Esther Kinsky, Ilja Trojanow, Michael Roes, and Sharon Dodua Otoo. The writer, Felicitas Hoppe, will focus on autobiography and the discovery of the self. She will discuss autofictional self-analysis/self-description and identity finding. The novels she will focus on are those by herself, by Guenther de Bruyn, Peter Stephan Jungk, and Mithu Sanyal. Prerequisite: graduate student standing; undergraduate majors must receive permission from the Director of Graduate Studies.
Course Attributes: EN H; AS HUM; AS LCD; FA HUM; AR HUM

Section 01

Contemporary German Literature - 01
INSTRUCTOR: Carol, Macho, Hoppe
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