Various graduate students participated and presented work in the Midwest Modern Language Association Conference in St. Louis

  1. Magdalen S. Majors co-organized panel “Playing with Identity: Stories of Self and Other in German Cultural Production”
  2. Ervin Malakaj & Angineh Djavadghazaryans organized panel entitled “Expressions, Emotions, Embodiment: Dramatics and the German Stage”
  3. Mary Le Gierse & Benjamin Davis organized panel entitled “At his Leisure? Boredom in German Cultural Production”
  4. Petra A. Watzke presented paper entitled “Playing (Socialist) Indians: Liselote Welskopf-Henrich's Harka Cycle and the DEFA Indianerfilme”
  5. Nancy Twilley presented paper entitled “From a Bad Family: Gabriele Reuter for Young Women”
  6. Shane Peterson presented paper entitled “Take Two: F. W. Hackländer, Wilhelm Raabe, and the German Illustrated Novel, 1875-85”
  7. G. Anna Leeper presented paper entitled “From Horror to Constantia: Spiritual Transformation through Emotional Experience in Andreas Gryphius' Tragedies”
  8. Benjamin Davis presented paper entitled “Contesting the Political: The Female Body and Rhetorical Strategy in Lohenstein's Agrippina”
  9. Mary Le Gierse presented paper entitled “The Aesthetics of Productivity: Mapping the Boundaries of Lesiure in Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre
  10. Ervin Malakaj presented paper entitled “Exploitative Entertainment in Wilhem Raabe's Zum wilden Mann