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Seminar in Reformation and Humanism

Germanic Languages And Literatures 521 - Spring 2019

During the early modern period, roughly 1450-1700, prose fiction developed as one of the dominant literary forms. We will read and review several important expressions of this evolving literary form, marking the structural and thematic trajectory along which the narrative changes are evolving from late medieval to early modern, from Prosaromane (Volksb├╝cher) to early forms of the novel. We will explore the relationship of fact and fiction, the influence of magic, demonology, and travel writings as well as issues of gender construction and their effect on the development of prose narratives. Texts we will explore are: Melusine, Fortunatus, Dr. Faustus, Grimmelshausen's Courage and maybe one or two more.
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Seminar in Reformation and Humanism
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