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Undergrad Seminar: What Dreams May Come - Explorations of the Psyche in Viennese Modernism

Germanic Languages And Literatures 432 - Fall 2020

This course investigates the relationship of the burgeoning field of psychoanalysis to modernist art and literature in Vienna at the beginning of the twentieth century. Examining literary texts and artworks alongside theories of dreams and the unconscious by thinkers such as Ernst Mach and Sigmund Freud, we analyze the ways that visual artists, composers and poets sought to divulge the inner workings of the psyche. Our discussion will focus on key questions such as: what forms and what visual, aural and verbal languages were developed to represent subjective experience? How did theories of memory and trauma, and ideas about gendered psyches shape the depiction of individual agency in these works? What can these works tell us about the larger societal forces at play in this cultural moment? Readings will include the drama, poetry and novellas of Arthur Schnitzler and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, musical works by Mahler and Schoenberg, and the visual art of Gustav Klimt, Helene Funke, and Oskar Kokoschka. Readings and discussion in German. Prerequisite: Ger 302D and Ger 340C/340D OR Ger 341/341D OR Ger 342/342D or permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
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Undergrad Seminar: What Dreams May Come: Explorations of the Psyche in Viennese Modernism
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